What we do

Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) is an arms-length management organisations (ALMO) and community housing company owned by Brent Council. While the council owns the homes and takes responsibility for housing policy and strategy, we are responsible for the day-to-day management of housing services to over 9,500 council tenants and 3,000 leaseholders (12,500 altogether).

Management agreement

In 2013, BHP signed a 10 year management agreement with Brent Council. This agreement reaffirmed BHP’s commitment to helping the council meet its strategic objectives and to address the future of housing in the borough.

Registered social landlord

BHP is a Registered Social Landlord and own 331 properties in Brent, the majority of which are let as social rented accommodation. BHP has also been commissioned by Brent Council as their principal partner in delivering an infill development programme to build 700 new council homes by 2019, these will be part funded by the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Tenant management organisations

BHP has delegated responsibility from the council to supervise and monitor the performance of Brent’s two Tenant Management Organisations, Kilburn Square Housing Co-op (246 homes) and Watling Gardens Housing Co-op (165 homes).

The BHP Board

BHP is run by a Board of community, council and independent non-executive directors and is based in Brent Council’s award-winning Civic Centre in Wembley. The Board meets every two months and all meetings are open to the public on a viewing capacity.

Brent Housing Partnership's Vision and Values guides our direction and aims to "build vibrant, diverse and resilient communities in Brent." The key objectives are:

  • GREAT COMMUNITIES: We will work with local residents and communities to create solutions and achieve our ambitions together. We celebrate the diversity of Brent and see this as a strength and resource.
  • GOOD VALUE: We will offer good value for money and carefully manage our own and the council's budgets so that every penny is well spent and well invested. We will expect everyone to take responsibility and play their part so that solutions are lasting.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICES AND NEIGHBOURHOODS: We want to make customers feel special, with services that are relevant to each person. We want to help create places that feel loved, give a sense of pride and where people feel they belong. 
  • BUILDING NEW HOMES AND REGENERATING ESTATES: The test of our success will be our legacy; we will build great new homes and invest in people and places for our current residents but also for their children and for our future residents.
  • SAFE AND WELL RUN: We give top priority to keeping our residents, ourselves and our colleagues safe. We will manage risks so that we are focused on doing the right things in the right way.
  • A GREAT PLACE TO WORK WITH STRONG PARTNERSHIPS: We will attract and develop staff who want to make a difference and who love what they do. We will be a trusted partner who will work with contractors and others who will collaborate with us to provide the best services at the best value.

Brent Housing Partnership's Customer Charter is:

  • Deliver Brent Council's Customer Promise
  • Value and respect our customers
  • Adhere to our policies and meet our service standards
  • Keep promises and manage expectations
  • Keep customers informed
  • Respond quickly when things go wrong
  • Put yourself in customer's shoes