Stories of Brent

Brent Housing Partnership and Oakrays (BHP’s Repairs Contractor) have funded and produced a short documentary film called ‘Stories of Brent.’

This film was inspired by our debut film, ‘Perceptions’. It is a documentary film and community project which aims to:

  • Promote community cohesion/celebrate diversity
  • Build stronger communities
  • Break down barriers
  • Inspire communities to share stories and connect

'Stories of Brent' celebrates Brent and tells the stories of the people, communities and history of Brent. It also breaks down barriers by asking residents to share stories about their memories of living in the borough. 

We also interviewed several local celebrities who have recounted their stories of coming from Brent and how being from this borough has had a positive impact on their success. Some of these celebrities include Liz Mitchell from Boney M. Rachel Yankey (England Football Captain), Shaun Wallace (The Chase), Ashley Theophane (British professional boxer), Audley Harrison (Boxer), Mr Cee (Comedian) and AJ King (DJ Kiss FM).

Brent as it is now the most diverse borough in London and has a very high immigrant population and a growing aging population. Therefore this film has been an important tool to celebrate the borough’s diversity as well as work towards breaking down barriers and building stronger communities.

You can continue share your 'Story of Brent' and why you love where you live on our Facebook page or you can email your story to