'Time right' for council housing to be taken back in-house


Following a Cabinet meeting yesterday (24 April), it has been decided that housing in Brent will cease to be managed by Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) and instead come back under direct Council control.Housing stock

This decision follows a 12 week consultation with tenants and leaseholders which saw 49.1% of respondents supporting the Council's proposal to move the management of its housing services under its direct operation and 8.1% supporting the retention of BHP.

A debate at a Special Meeting of Full Council was held on 20 April before the final decision was taken last night. 

Joanne Drew, Chair of BHP’s Board of Management said: “BHP was set up to improve homes as part of the government’s Decent Homes Programme. We have always been committed to working with Brent Council and ensuring local residents are at the heart of the organisation. We will continue to work closely with the council, residents and staff over this transition period to provide modern, efficient and effective services for the benefit of all council tenants and leaseholders.”