Talkback - Government changes to benefits and housing


Brent Housing Partnership’s (BHP's) quarterly Talkback Forum, for customers, took place last week at Brent Civic Centre. The theme of the well-attended event was ‘Government changes to benefits and housing - how does it affect you?’

The guest speaker for the evening was Eamon McGoldrick from the National Federation of ALMOs who spoke in detail about this topic and welcomed questions from the audience alongside BHP staff. The customer feedback will help BHP prepare for the roll out of Universal Credit and pay to stay.

Customers recognised the significance of these forthcoming changes and welcomed BHP’s commitment to supporting tenancy sustainment.

Pauline Somers, Financial Inclusion Manager, BHP said: Tenancy sustainment is not just about vulnerable tenants. Most of our tenants will come to us for assistance at some time throughout their tenancy and it is our duty, as a responsible landlord, to do everything possible to ensure the success of our tenancies.

“Both tenants and staff are facing the most challenging times in the history of social housing with bedroom tax, benefit cap, universal credit, pay to stay, and other reforms, in an already demanding sector.  If we can help tenants sustain their tenancies it is not only a measure of our success as a landlord but it can also contribute to happy and settled communities, is cost effective and prevents homelessness.”