Resident Network Group to hold gala dinner and awards


The Resident Network Group (RNG) is holding a special Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony sponsored by BHP’s Community Fund.

 At the event attendees will be exploring various ideas relevant to residents ‘engagement and housing matters. It is also to celebrate the residents’ successes and unveil candidates for the 2017 Residents Groups and Individuals Awards (to be announced at dinner). Entertainment follows with live performance, music and dancing.

The RNG is a quarterly networking event where representatives of BHP Residents Groups and Associations are encouraged to network with colleagues to improve their work in the community. It represents 15 Residents Associations within Brent and form a collective voice for their members to explore best practice and improve relationships.

The event is open to RGN members and invited guests only.

Attendee's can nominated their Resident Champions by clicking on the following link.

Nomintate your Resident Champion