Estates in Brent get a makeover


Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) has been working with contractor partners Wates to improve the environment on estates in Brent.Pharamond group photo

Eight estates were identified in the last financial year with £200,000 spent on work to remove redundant walls, improve security measures in and around buildings to reduce anti-social behaviour and landscaping.

A further £100,000 was allocated to carry out repairs to estate roads and pathways. The areas chosen were projects highlighted by BHP officers in discussion with resident representatives.

The following projects were funded and completed:

  • CAM – redundant wall was removed and green area reseeded
  • Rokesby Place – planting to reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Alpha Place – bin area increased to accommodate additional refuse bins
  • Alexandra Court – resurfacing and bollards fitted so vehicles cannot park
  • Broadview – new parking created
  • Pharamond (pictured) – resurfaced road and widened entrance to garages, painted railings and fitted new signage
  • Amundsen House – resurfacing
  • Shackleton House – resurfacing

A further 51 projects have been identified across the borough and will be completed in order of priority by the end of the financial year (March 2018). These projects have made such a difference to the residents on these estates and to the overall environment.

Get involved

BHP encourages residents to suggest ways of improving the area in which they live and will work with them to improve the environment. If any resident would like to suggest any new projects please email