Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) proud to be a Leader in Diversity


BHP has successfully retained the Leaders in Diversity accreditation. The quality mark demonstrates BHP’s commitment to embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in service delivery and the workplace. 

As part of the assessment, the National Centre for Diversity worked closely with the BHP Senior Management Team to develop the embedding of EDI from the top. 

The assessment also involved a focus group with customers and staff. The assessor, Asari St. Hill said: “It is a real pleasure to visit an organisation where it actually does ‘live and breathe’ a positive attitude to EDI issues. This can be seen from the most junior staff, right through to the senior leaders, in the role the residents’ play, the data collected and used and in how BHP engages external stakeholders. Overall, BHP is a good role modelling organisation.” 

BHP first gained the accreditation in 2013 and the prestigious award places BHP amongst the best organisations on EDI practice in the country. 

Rowann Limond, Interim Managing Director at BHP said: “We’re so proud that we have retained this prestigious accreditation. We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion at BHP and it influences and shapes our services and everything we do.”