Brent estate steps up recycling and wins cash prize


A Residents' Association from Athelstan Gardens in North Kilburn is cashing in after winning £250 for their efforts in boosting recycling and cutting general waste in their blocks.

The Association is planning a royal knees up with the money going towards a street party celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday.

This is the second competition, run in partnership between Brent Council, Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) and Veolia to encourage residents on estates to recycle more and to reduce waste going to landfill sites.

The prize money is provided by Veolia for an estate who can demonstrate the largest increase in recycling at their block; including their food waste. In addition, cleanliness of each block was also monitored.

The competition launched in October 2015 and involved eight estates across Brent; Canterbury Court, John Radcliff House, Alan Preece Court, Yates Court, Athelstan Gardens, Windmill Court, Slade Court and Bentham Walk.

It took place over two months and each block was visited by a team from Veolia who gave residents tips and information about recycling and encouraged them to participate in the project.

Veolia collection crews monitored the amount of waste produced by the participating eight estates and reweighed these at the end of the competition period. They also monitored the ground areas of all blocks checking on before and after degrees of litter.

The judges found that Athelstan Gardens had reduced waste to landfill by 0.2 kg per household/per week, and had increased recycling by 1kg per household/ per week.


Maureen Coughlin, Chair of the Resident Association said: "I would like to extend a massive thanks to the residents of Athelstan Gardens for recycling. Their efforts have earned them a prize of £250 courtesy of Veolia The prize money will go towards our planned street party to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday in the summer. Thank you so much to Brent Council, BHP and Veolia for organising the contest -we are all thrilled."

Rowann Limond, Interim Managing Director of Brent Housing Partnership said: "Congratulations to Athelstan Gardens on winning the recycling competition. They have shown real dedication to increasing the recycling on their estate and having a positive impact on the environment. They are a shining example to all of us on how we can make a difference in our community."

Darren Harding Contract Collections Manager for Veolia Brent said: "I would like to congratulate Athelstan Gardens for winning this year's competition and working together as a community to achieve this success. Veolia are determined to reduce waste to landfill through educational programmes, working in partnership with Brent Council, BHP, landlords and residents to make this a borough to be proud of."