BHP invited to address MPs in Westminster about its "best practice" resident engagement


Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) has been invited to speak about its resident engagement projects to MPs in Westminster on 13-14 October. BHP was invited to attend a two-day meeting organised by the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA) which will also see the launch of the NFA Best Practice Briefing 'Our Homes Our Say.'
The NFA Best Practice Briefing summarises the findings of a survey undertaken earlier this year as well as best practice examples of tenant engagement across the sector. BHP will showcase the BHP Academy which was launched in March 2015 and trains BHP residents in a range of skills which will enable them to be actively involved with the organisation and apply for Board Membership. BHP takes its role seriously in putting residents truly at the heart of the organisation and in positions of leadership and influence.
As of May 2015, 30 people from the community, representing a wide range of ages and diverse backgrounds within Brent, signed up for the BHP Academy and 23 residents expressed an interest in standing for election to the three vacancies of the BHP Board with voting that took place in summer 2015.
At the NFA's two events (13 and 14 October 2015), tenants will also be talking to Labour and Conservative MPs about how recent policy and welfare changes impact on housing provision in their areas, and how ALMOs and politicians can continue to work together to deliver housing services that meet local need.
What is clear is that despite major changes in policy the ALMO sector continues to place tenants at its core. ALMOs are trusted not only by partner local authorities, but by tenants and residents to deliver the homes and services that are important to them. This event will enable ALMOs to showcase how tenants are involved in the decision making processes, across all aspects of the sector's work and this message will be shared with both Conservative and Labour MPs at the events this week.
Tom Bremner, Managing Director of BHP said: "We are very proud to showcase the work BHP is doing in Brent so that local people can have a real say in how their homes are managed. The BHP Academy is a great example of how we work with our residents and support them to be involved at all levels, including at Board level. This is a key part of being a local, community-led, housing company"
Peter Nugent, new BHP Board Member said: "The Academy was really useful as I was able to meet so many like-minded people. These were people who wanted to positively influence their community and were willing to volunteer their time to do so. It offered a lot of insight in to exactly what the BHP Board does and exactly how to get involved. I wanted to be on the Board because I could influence the way BHP operates, and I thought that as a young person I would offer a fresh perspective on Brent."
Iftekhar Chowdhury, member of the BHP Academy, BHP resident volunteer and Interim Chair of the BHP Customer Scrutiny Group said: "I have lived in Brent for over 30 years, and am always involved with my area and often help my neighbours. I never thought I could take this involvement to another level and help more residents in the borough until I came across the advert for the BHP Academy. I want to help others and make a positive difference to the borough for the future and for my children."