Badly behaved loiterers and drug dealers given marching orders from estate in Stonebridge


Brent Housing Partnership’s (BHP) Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Team have put a stop to unwanted loiterers and drug dealers on an estate in Stonebridge.

Residents had complained about people congregating in the external communal areas of the estate for all hours of the day and night. It appeared that none of these people lived in the block, but seemed to be using the area as a base to hang around and sell drugs. The behaviour of these individuals was causing residents and visitors to feel intimidated.

ASB Team advert photoGeoffrey Thornes, BHP ASB Officer, visited the area during the day to collect information from residents, with the BHP Warden Service making additional visits outside office hours. The local Police Safer Neighbourhood Team were also informed and involved. 

Working together and sharing information with the Police and Brent Council, all parties involved agreed an action plan. The points agreed at the Local Joint Action Group (LJAG) were:

  • Additional CCTV 
  • Dispersal zones robustly monitored by Police  
  • Restricting access to the communal areas where the group hung  
  • Block letter encouraging residents to report incidents  
  • Improvements to the door entry system 
  • Removal of abandoned vehicles

Once the plan was implemented there was an immediate reduction on the number of ASB calls to BHP and the Police and the perpetrators are no longer using this location for their activities.  

Deborah Noel, Anti-Social Behaviour Team Manager at BHP said: “We are happy to see a reduction in ASB on this estate, and would like to thank our residents as well as our partners in the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team and Brent Council for helping us put a stop to this unacceptable behaviour. We will continue to take serious action on ASB across estates in Brent, and urge residents to speak to us about any matters of concern.”

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