Equality and Diversity

Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) is committed to promoting equality and diversity in the delivery of our services to ensure equality of opportunity is offered to all customers in line with the Equality Act 2010.

We will:

  • Implement good practice in the delivery of equality of opportunity when updating our policies and reviewing our practices.
  • Promote equality of opportunity across the protected groups in addition to family circumstances, health, and socio economical status.
  • Ensure that engagement and consultation forums are inclusive and representative of all groups.
  • Provide access to all our services and tailor services accordingly to meet the needs of customers from the protected groups.
  • Encourage underrepresented groups and individuals who are disadvantaged in access to housing and employment, to apply for suitable homes, jobs and work contracts.
  • Monitor across the protected groups all applicants for jobs and housing.
  • Provide equality and diversity training to all staff.

Further information

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In 2013, Brent Housing Partnership was very proud to be one of a few housing providers in the country to achieve the Leaders in Diversity accreditation (Stage 1 and Stage 2) which was awarded by the National Centre for Diversity.

We continue our journey to become the first Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) to achieve the Leaders in Diversity award which acknowledges our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion as a service provider and employer, enhancing our reputation not just within the housing sector but to become recognised as amongst the best in the county.

The "Everyone's Included" logo was designed by children from South Kilburn Estate and St Raphael's Estate during the summer of 2013. We asked the children to draw pictures of their homes and communities.  A design team created the logo using their pictures.

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Our Equality and Diversity Policy Statement drives our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Delivery Plan which sets out our current and future actions and priorities over the next few years.

You can view this document by clicking on the following link:

Our policy and strategy was developed in consultation with residents, staff, Board members, partners and stakeholders and the wider community of Brent.

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