Passing on a tenancy

Passing your tenancy to family members or partner (Assignment)

You can legally transfer your tenancy rights to your partner or a member of your family by 'assignment'.


It is important to remember that following an assignment the original tenancy still exists just with a new person, no new tenancy should be created.

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Inheriting a tenancy after death of a tenant (Succession)

Succession is the means by which a secure tenancy passes on the death of the original tenant, to someone else statutorily entitled so that the latter individual becomes the tenant in place of the first.


Survivorship is the means by which a surviving joint tenant becomes the sole tenant on the death of the other joint tenant. This counts as a succession for the purposes of subsequent requests to succeed.


Only one assignment or succession can take place for each council tenancy. The only exceptions to this rule is mutual exchanges and assignments.

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What happens when a tenant dies?

Dealing with the death of a partner, family member or friend can be very distressing. Brent Bereavement Services might be able to help you. You may also find it useful to read through the Department for Work and Pensions leaflet what to do after a death.


If a tenant dies and you are responsible for making arrangements for them, then please inform Brent Council as soon as you can.


Please also tell us when you intend to return the keys, (unless there is a successor or surviving joint tenant). Please be aware that rent is charged until the keys are handed in.


If you wish, the Council will remove any items from the property, but you will need to authorise this in writing on behalf of the estate of the deceased tenant.


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