Ending my tenancy

The terms and conditions of your Tenancy Agreement set out your responsibilities about leaving your home and ending your tenancy with Brent Council.

Terminating a tenancy

It is important that you sign a tenancy termination form, otherwise you will continue to be charged rent on your old home. Normally a tenant can only end their tenancy by giving four weeks written notice, ending on a Sunday. It may be possible to agree a shorter notice period but only in exceptional circumstances.


All rent due must be paid in full by the end of the tenancy. Return your keys to the Brent Civic Centre before 12 noon on the Monday after your tenancy ends. If you do not, you will continue to be charged rent.


Fittings You will be required to restore any original fixtures and fittings if you have removed any improved fittings when you leave.
Clearing your belongings You are are also responsible for clearing all your belongings from your home before returning your keys. If you do not move all your belongings, BHP will charge you for clearing them and they may be sold or destroyed.

 Please note that before you move out a Housing Officer and Surveyor will inspect your property and inform you of what you need to do before you leave.

Request a tenancy termination form

Joint tenancies

If you are joint tenants and one of you ends the tenancy, the whole tenancy comes to an end. The Council will consider allowing the remaining joint tenant to stay under a new tenancy agreement but that depends on the circumstances of each case, and should not be assumed.


For example, in cases of domestic violence we will not allow the perpetrator to remain in the dwelling.

Enquire about ending joint tenancies

Transfer requests

If you want to move to another council home, you can do this through either a transfer, Homeswapper, Housing Moves or a mutual exchange. You can apply for a transfer within Brent by completing an application form on Brent Council’s main website.

Going away/leaving an empty house

If you are no longer living in your home, you may lose your tenancy allowing BHP to take action to repossess the property. It is therefore important that you let your Housing Officer know if you are going to be away from your home for an extended period. This may include a stay in hospital or a long holiday.

Tell us about being away for an extended period