Please be aware that you need written permission from Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) in order to keep a pet in your home. This is part if our pet policy.

Remember that it is a criminal offence to keep a dangerous dog unless it has a certificate of exemption!

Register your pet

If your a tenant you can register your pet online by clicking on the following link.

Register your pet online now

You can also download and complete a pet registration form and and email email it to You can also send it to

Tenancy Team
Brent Housing Partnership
Sixth Floor
Brent Civic Centre
Engineers Way
Wembley, HA9 0FJ.

Make sure your pet is on its' best behaviour

Pets can be a delight, but irresponsible ownership can make them little more than a nuisance.You must ensure that no pet that you keep or that is temporarily in your home causes a nuisance or annoys or frightens anyone. If you don’t keep your pet under control; Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) can take action against you for breach of your tenancy.

Please do not allow your pet to:

  • Make excessive noise
  • Roam on the estate or in other gardens
  • Foul on the estate, in shared areas or on footpaths.

You must clean up after your pet if it fouls in your own garden or a public place every day.


If you are leaseholder and you want to keep a pet then you will need written permission as stated in your lease.

Please contact the Leasehold Management Team.