Home improvements/adaptations

All secure tenants have a right to carry out improvements and make alterations to their home providing permission has been granted from Brent Council first.

Possible home improvements

The following list provides examples of home improvements:

  • Installing a shower or central heating
  • Fitting double glazing
  • Fitting gas or electric fires
  • Putting up aerials for television or radio
  • Plumbing in of washing machines
  • Changes to fitted units and bathroom suites
  • Fitting security doors or grilles.

Tenants are responsible for the repairs and maintenance of all improvements and alterations.

Getting permission

You do not require permission, for minor improvements such as fitting shelves and cupboards or installing secondary glazing.


You must, however, ask the Council's permission before carrying out all other improvements or alterations such as:

  • Building an extension
  • Partitioning of rooms
  • Removing walls and chimney breasts
  • Adding a garage or car parking space.
  • Installing a cat flap.

Before making any improvements or alterations to your home contact your Housing Officer to get further advice.


Enquire about making home improvements


You can discuss the matter further with your local surveyor. You may also wish to seek independent advice.

Aids and adaptations for disabilities

Tenants with disabilities who have difficulties in using their present facilities can ask the Council to carry out improvements and adaptations to suit their needs.


If you require adaptations or improvements you should talk to your Housing Officer who will contact the occupational therapist on your behalf.


To find out more please visit the the Council's main website.