Amundsen House and Shackleton House fire safety feedback

Here is a summary of the feedback BHP staff received from residents at the drop-in session on Tuesday 15 August at Bernard Shaw House.

  • Residents are pleased that BHP have provided information on the fire safety work that has taken place pre and post Grenfell tragedy
  • Residents are pleased at being notified about upcoming fire safety work and that the actions identified from Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) are being attended too.
  • Additional concerns relating to other work were fed back to BHP staff who have assured the residents that the relevant departments will be made aware of issues and outstanding work
  • Copies of our fire safety guide were provided and many residents found this to be useful as well as a copy of the FAQs previously provided
  • Residents are more aware of fire safety issues in their homes and many had tested their fire detection equipment for self assurance before attending the drop-in