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As part of our regular maintenance work BHP does daily, monthly and annual checks on tower block housing to make sure that the appropriate fire prevention and safety measures are in place.

BHP safety measures

Four checks we include:

  • Daily checks to identify and remove any items which could block a fire escape route (including bulk rubbish)
  • Monthly checks to ensure that all communal doors are in full working order and that they are fitted with a smoke seal strip to provide a barrier against fire, smoke and hot gases
  • Annual checks on all smoke detection equipment
  • Annual Fire Risk Assessments in every building.

Communal areas are our responsibility. However, your help is extremely important in maintaining a safe environment for everybody. Please immediately report anything in your building which might be a fire risk.

What can I do to stay safe?

There are eight simple steps you can take if there is a fire in your high rise home.

  • If you do not have a smoke detector fitted, BHP can arrange to fit one for you
  • Have a safety check on your gas boiler every year - make sure you provide access to your home when your safety check is due. You will be contacted in advance
  • Think about how old your gas and electrical appliances are, and where they are positioned - if you are not sure all your appliances are safe, please contact us to get expert advice
  • Do not overload electrical wall sockets Keep a fire blanket in an accessible place in your kitchen
  • Do not damage, remove or wedge open internal doors
  • Do not use or store petroleum spirit (petrol, diesel or paraffin) or liquid propane gas cylinders in your home
  • Have a plan in case your home is involved in a fire and make sure everyone in your family knows what the plan is.

What should I do if there is a fire in the block?

It is important to have a plan in case your home is involved in a fire, so that everyone in your family knows what to do. Make sure you take the time to discuss your emergency plan with your family before a fire happens - don't wait until it's too late.


London Fire Brigade provides the following advice if a fire occurs in your home:

  • Alert everyone in your home
  • Call 999 and ask for the fire brigade - tell them the address of your building, your flat number and which floor the fire is on
  • If possible, close the door to any room where fire is burning
  • Close your front door as you leave
  • Leave via the stairs - never take the lift.

If you are trapped in your home:

  • Close the door
  • Block any gaps around the door
  • Shout from the window to get help
  • Keep your mobile phone with you (if possible). Flats are built to give you some protection from fire. Walls, floors and doors will hold back flames and smoke for a while. If a fire occurs in your building, it is usually safe for you to stay in your home unless it is affected by heat or smoke. Await fire brigade advice if you are unsure
  • If your home is affected by heat or smoke, leave immediately if it is safe
  • If there is a lot of smoke, crawl along the floor where the air will be clearer
  • If possible, close all windows and doors behind you.


Make sure you and your family know how to evacuate - how to get out of your home and your building in an emergency. In an evacuation, the Fire Brigade will give you instructions once you are out.


  • Never use a lift
  • Do not try to fight the fire yourself
  • Call 999 from any phone To help us in a fire emergency and evacuation, please tell us whenever there are changes to who is living in your flat, so that we know how many people are living in each building.

Fire safety- Frequently asked questions

Further information

  • Visit your local fire station who can provide advice on fire risks
  • Telephone: Freephone 08000 28 44 28
  • Visit the London Fire Brigade website

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To contact us about fire risks in your area or for general advice on fire safety contact on 020 8937 2400.