Looking to move

If you are a council tenant and want to move then it will depend on your circumstances. You will only be allowed to join the housing register if you qualify under the housing allocations policy and fall under one of the new band criteria.

For example:

  • Your current property is under occupied
  • You have a medical or mobility need that is affected by your housing
  • You are releasing an adapted property
  • Because of exceptional circumstances, this could include things like threat to life, the police advise a move, or if there is an exceptional need that isn't covered by the Housing Allocations Scheme
  • You are overcrowded by two bedrooms or more.

More information on how to join the housing register can be found on the Brent Council website.

Request a housing application form

All secure tenants have a legal right to swap homes with another tenant either within the same borough or elsewhere in the country.

Eligibility for mutual exchange

 In order to be eligible for a mutual exchange:

  • You must be a secure tenant which means the council has not obtained a possession order against you, or that you have not breached a suspended possession order
  • You must not be an introductory tenant
  • You must not have any rent arrears
  • The size of the property of both parties willing to exchange must meet the needs of the family
  • No money or gifts have exchanged hands.

Apply for mutual exchange

You can apply for a mutual exchange online and you may advertise in any way in order to find someone to swap with.

You can do this through the following websites:

Once you have found someone, you must complete a mutual exchange application form which is available from your Housing Officer. On receipt of your completed application form, Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) will inform you of its decision within 42 days.

The respective landlords of both tenants must authorise the exchange, or the exchange may be considered illegal, with both parties being required to return to their original homes.

For further information please contact the Tenancy Team.


Brent Council offers incentive payments to tenants who wish to downsize. The current incentive payment is £2000 per bedroom tenants downsize by, up to a maximum of £6000. Therefore if a tenant moves from a three bed property to a one bed property they would be entitled to a payment of £4000. They would also be entitled to free removals within Brent, or a maximum of £500 towards removals outside of Brent.

Enquire about downsizing

If you are affected by the bedroom tax or on housing benefit then you get further advice from the Financial Inclusion Team.