Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs)

Residents who live in a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) property manage their own homes on behalf Brent council. Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) meets with TMO representatives on a regular basis to monitor performance.

Under the legal 'right to manage', residents have a right to set up a 'tenant management organisation' (TMO) to manage the housing services within their area as long as residents can meet the legal requirements and are competent.

Residents can get a grant to help develop this option for involvement from the Department for Communities and Local Government with a contribution from BHP.

TMOs in Brent

There are currently two TMO's in Brent which include Kilburn Square Housing Cooperative and Watling Gardens TMO. These groups have their own management committee made up of residents who manage the housing services for residents in their area. The TMO's are responsible for the day-to-day running of services such as repairs and collecting rent. All TMO's receive a management and maintenance allowance from the Housing Revenue Account under the terms of the TMO statutory guidance.

Further information

For more information about how to set up a successful TMO please contact the National Federation of TMO's.

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