BHP Academy

The BHP Academy aims to train tenants and leaseholders in a range of skills which will enable them to be actively involved with Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) and apply for Board Membership.

What does the BHP Academy do?

The Academy is there to build on the experience and passion of local people to make a difference in their communities and potentially get involved in the election for BHP Board membership.


It offers local people an opportunity to participate in a comprehensive training and development programme which they will help create. It will equip people to be effective at Board level, but also to organise and participate in their communities, building on their skills, experience and interests.


Residents interested in applying for the Academy should contact the Community Leadership Team.

I don't want to join the Board

For residents who are not interested in joining the Board, the BHP Academy will also be a gateway into lots of other exciting involvement opportunities with BHP such as:


The training schedule for the Academy will be published here shortly.

Further information