How are my service charges worked out?

As a leaseholder or freeholder, you must pay us your share of the cost of managing, maintaining, repairing, insuring and providing services to the block, house or estate where you live.

What services am I paying for?

Service charges cover:

  • Planned preventative maintenance.
  • Cleaning.
  • Grounds maintenance.
  • Shared heating and hot water.
  • Repair and maintenance work.
  • Shared electricity.
  • Concierge (if available).
  • Ground rent.
  • Building insurance.
  • Management costs.

Every July, Brent Housing Partnership will send you a service charge invoice which lets you know how much you need to pay for the current financial year. If you pay the invoice within 28 days, you can get a 5% discount, or you can pay by 10 instalments.

Incorrect bills

If you feel that we have worked out some charges incorrectly, you must contact the Leasehold Management Team within six months of getting your invoice. Tell us what you think is wrong and we will investigate your enquiry.