Hotspot Warden Service

Brent Council's Hotspot Wardens patrol ASB hotspot areas and wear uniforms with a body-worn camera.

They deal with:

  • Cases in which we need to gather additional evidence or need professional witnessing
  • Welfare checks on vulnerable residents
  • Delivering specific documents upon request.

The wardens will record anyone they talk to especially individuals who are found to be causing anti-social behaviour (ASB).

Other tasks include:

  • Moving loiterers on
  • Engaging with rough sleepers and call the relevant outreach agency in order to assist them to get into some form of accommodation
  • Taking alcohol away from young people and requesting names and address as appropriate, without endangering themselves.

They act as the eyes and ears of Brent Council whilst patrolling and they will reports any repairs/vehicles/rubbish dumping etc. 

Residents are unable to contact the Hotspot Wardens directly. You will have to report ASB to the ASB Team and the officers will instruct the Wardens as required.

Any comments that we receive about the wardens will be used towards service improvements.

Report anti-social behaviour